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Reporting Abusive Content

Beme is a place where free speech and open expression are encouraged, and that’s really important to us. But sometimes there will be things that overstep those boundaries in ways that aren’t okay. Here are some actions you can take to help us address that:

  • Flagging. You can flag an individual Beme as inappropriate if you think it needs to be reported or hidden. To do that, open up the menu just below the player (it’s the button with the three vertical dots), and then tap “Flag as inappropriate.”

  • Unfollowing. You can keep someone’s content from showing up in your feed by unfollowing them. Just open up their profile and tap the green “Following” button. You’ll know you’re done if the button turns gray.

  • Blocking. If the first two options aren’t enough, you can block someone from sending you reactions or viewing your Bemes by going to their profile and opening up the menu at the top right of their page. Once you’re there, tap the “Block this user” button. As of now, blocking someone is a permanent action. We’ll be adding an unblock feature in a later version of the app, but until then, keep in mind that a block can’t be undone.

  • Blocking reactions. You can also block all strangers from sending you reactions by opening up the settings menu in your profile (it’s the button that’s shaped like a gear) and turning off the switch that says “Everyone can react to my Bemes.”

If we left something out, or you have any other questions, let us know by emailing with the subject line "Abuse" For more information, you can review our community guidelines here.